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Students' Role in Saving the Nature

Friday, February 5, 2010

To our beloved panel of judges, co-orators, parents, teachers, students, visitors, ladies and gentlemen, a pleasant day to all!

I stand before you today with the courage in informing you about very important facts about our Mother Nature.

STOP!.......... LOOK!........... and LISTEN!

STOP! And let your senses work. Some people in different parts of our country or in the whole world in general are suffering from the “Wrath of Nature”. Floods, frequent tropical storms, landslides and the exaggerated greenhouse effect --- the Global Warming.

LOOK! Our used to be “Virgin Forests” have been penetrated by illegal loggers. Our used to be “Crystal Clear Water” has been turned into blackish and stench liquid. Smog or the combination of Smoke and fog has been dominating the atmosphere of some highly industrialized cities around the world.

Here in our locality we can also observe the so-called Nature’s Revenge. An hour of continuous raining will flood our rivers or almost all low lying areas including our school. The temperature of the 7:00 o’clock sunlight is no longer healthy for our skin. It BURNS!

And now, LISTEN!

The “Climate Change” we are currently experiencing at the moment is the result of the negligence of men, of greed, and lust of power.

As students--- the younger generation, labeled as the Hope of Our Motherland, we play the great role in saving and preserving our nature from total destruction or saving the whole planet from the impending “Third Extinction”.

Let us start within ourselves. Let’s be vigilant against illegal loggers and watchful against ozone layer-depleting practices. Tree planting activities or reforestation will be effective if we put our heart in that particular activity. If we plant, we must see to it that it will grow. The trees are our fortress against nature-related calamities.

In our home or even in school, let us be a model for the rest of the students --- A model of a nature-lover citizen. We will inform our co-students that burning plastics will augment the global warming and contribute to air pollution. Let us practice proper waste disposal by separating the biodegradable from non-biodegradable garbage. Let us learn to value all the things GOD has given us. The trees, air, water, and the soil. They are important parts of our living planet.

By doing these simple things, we are reminded of the famous phrase during the first human landing on the moon:

“A small step for a man, a GIANT leap for mankind”.

[This is an oratorical piece created  for freshmen students in preparation of the Manay NHS Foundation Day. Written by Joel Bangahon - the webmaster of Manay NHS' blog and the sole author of Scolex - a blog where he shares his tips and tutorials to almost any topic that is worth-sharing for. Check his blog here: ! This article was first published here.]


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